Two hooded figures illegally hitching a ride on the back of a train have been slammed over the stunt.

The pair of youths were filmed standing on the back of the train, inches away from falling to the tracks or touching powerlines above their heads.

They wave at the camera and passengers on the platform as the train pulls away.

The move has been slammed by Metro Trains as “stupidity of the highest order”.

“Melbourne‘s rail network is not a playground, and those who treat it like one are only putting themselves at risk of serious injury or death,” the spokesman said.

“Train surfing and coupler riding is stupidity of the highest order – and no stunt, thrill or social media post is worth a life.”

“Beyond the obvious risk to life, these incidents can stop train services in their tracks and cause significant and unnecessary disruption to passengers.”

Train-surfers can be hit with fines of more than $400 if caught.

Victoria is not the only state having issues with thrillseekers, with eleven people dying due to illegal trespassing in rail corridors in the past five years according to Sydney Trains.

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