NEW DELHI: Former Indian cricket captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni, known for his calm demeanour both on and off the field, surprised many when ex-IAS officer Vivek Atray shared a heartwarming anecdote about him.
Atray revealed on Raj Shamani‘s Figuring Out podcast that during a casual meeting in Chandigarh, he found Dhoni engrossed in watching the children’s cartoon “Hanu-Man” with friends.

Reflecting on the encounter, Atray emphasized Dhoni’s simplicity and humility, stating, “When I was in Chandigarh administration, I went to meet Dhoni. He was staying at the Hotel Mountview in Chandigarh. He asked me to come and meet him in his room. He was with some of his friends and watching the Hanu-Man cartoon on the TV. He was the captain of an IPL side, some 12 years ago. He was so calm. We met him, took photos, and then he started watching Hanu-Man again.”

This revelation offers a glimpse into the lesser-known aspects of Dhoni’s personality, demonstrating his ability to find joy in simple pleasures despite his stature as one of India’s most celebrated cricketers.
Dhoni’s reputation for maintaining composure and grace extends beyond personal encounters and into his professional career. Ahead of the 2024 IPL season, Dhoni made the decision to step down as captain of the Chennai Super Kings, passing the leadership baton to Ruturaj Gaikwad.

Under Gaikwad’s guidance, CSK have performed admirably, winning four out of their six matches in the tournament so far.
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Despite carrying a knock on his leg, Dhoni continues to inspire his team with his on-field contributions. In spite of getting limited chances, he has showcased his trademark aggression with impactful cameos, reinforcing his status as a true leader and mentor within the CSK camp.

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