NEW DELHI: Environment minister Gopal Rai on Wednesday announced that the Delhi government will initiate the odd-even car rationing scheme once its effectiveness is assessed by the Supreme Court.

The SC, on Tuesday, raised doubts about the effectiveness of the vehicular pollution-reduction scheme and referred to it as “all optics.”

In response to the deteriorating air quality in the national capital, Gopal Rai had previously declared the implementation of the flagship scheme.
Under this scheme, vehicles are permitted to operate on alternate days, depending on whether their license plates have odd or even numbers.
The enforcement of this scheme is scheduled to occur from November 13 to November 20.
During a press conference, Rai stated that the city government will provide the SC with two significant studies that have been conducted to evaluate the scheme’s effectiveness.
“The decision to implement the odd-even scheme will be made only after the SC assesses its effectiveness and issues an order,” affirmed the minister.
The odd-even car rationing scheme, first introduced in 2016, permits vehicles to operate on alternate days depending on whether their license plates bear odd or even numbers.
The upcoming enforcement next week will mark the fourth occasion that the Delhi government has employed this scheme to combat pollution arising from vehicular emissions.
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