As world leaders assemble at Bletchley Park to debate how to regulate the AI industry, Rishi Sunak has warned that artificial intelligence might present a risk to humanity comparable to that of a pandemic or nuclear war.
In line with recent cautions from some of the most powerful people in the sector, the prime minister expressed his concern about the risk that sophisticated AI models pose to the general population.
Sunak is trying to convince governments from the US, EU, Japan, and Canada to agree on how nations may cooperate to evaluate the security of AI technologies prior to their release.
“People developing this technology themselves have raised the risk that AI may pose and it’s important to not be alarmist about this. There’s debate about this topic. People in the industry themselves don’t agree and we can’t be certain”, Sunak said while talking to reporters.
His remarks are similar to those of Elon Musk, with whom he will have a talk on Thursday night that will be streamed on the tech billionaire’s social media network X.
At the event on Wednesday, Musk told reporters that artificial intelligence posed “one of the biggest threats to humanity.”
On Thursday morning, the prime minister made his way to Bletchley Park for a full day of intense diplomatic engagement at the global summit on AI safety.

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