Chaos has ensued after Pauline Hanson refused to apologise over “repugnant” comments made towards Australian Greens Senator Maureen Faruqi, sparking a heated debate over racism and misconduct.

The One Nation leader was called on to withdraw remarks she made during a debate on Monday about wanting to “drive” the NSW Greens Senator to the airport and “wave her away.”

On Wednesday afternoon, Greens Senator Larissa Waters successfully moved an urgency motion with Labor’s support to call on Senator Hanson to apologise.

“People of colour deserve to feel safe and welcome in this country and not have the likes of Senator Hansen say foul and racially discriminatory things which amount to ‘go back to where you came from,” she said.

“There is no place for this kind of hateful language here or anywhere in this country.”

The One Nation leader angrily responded by re-reading a speech she made during a debate on Monday, repeating her remarks about wanting to drive Senator Farqui to the airport “if she didn’t see herself as a loving Australian.”

This led Senate President Sue Lines to order the One Nation leader to withdraw her comments.

“I used to make those same statements at immigration ceremonies to people and they thought it was wonderful,” Senator Hansen interjected.

Refusing to take her seat despite repeated orders from Ms Lines, Senator Hanson then immediately declared that she was speaking on behalf of “millions of Australians.”

A back-and-forth dispute erupted between Senator Hanson and Ms Lines, which paused several times after the Senate president stopped to urge other Senators to stop interrupting.

The comments come despite Senator Faruqi filing a federal lawsuit in May over a 2022 tweet by Senator Hanson, who wrote that she should “pack [her] bags and piss off back to Pakistan.”

Trade Minister Don Farrell, speaking on behalf of the government, said it was important for Senators “to speak with respect and understanding for difference and reject those in this country, politicians included, who seek to create division.”

Coalition Senate leader Simon Birmingham said all Senators, “particularly to those in that side of the chamber” [pointing to his independent and Greens colleagues], to “stay out of the gutter and rise above the Twitter-verse”, and “debate issues that are impacting every Australian right now.”

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