The global phenomenon of Taylor Swift is about to hit Australia and thousands of dedicated Aussie Swifties will be desperate to get on their white horse and nab a ticket to the epic spectacle, set to light up the Melbourne Cricket Ground and the Accor Stadium in Sydney from mid-February.

But police are warning Swifties to be on the lookout for casually cruel scammers looking to make a buck from exploiting what is expected to be fierce demand for the limited tickets.

“Scammers are targeting fans with fake ticket sales through social media, often hacking accounts of individuals and then using the profiles to sell fake tickets to the victim’s friends,” Victoria Police Cybercrime Squad warned this week.

“The scammers will advertise their tickets ‘at cost price’, with a story behind why they can no longer attend.

“Check it once, then check it twice, they may try to rush you into buying the tickets and transferring them money.

“As well as the ticket price, they’ll likely ask you to pay the extra fees to change the name on the ticket.

“They will often send what they purport to be a screenshot of the email confirmation of having bought the tickets, making the scam look more legitimate.

“Then, once you’ve transferred the money, life will lose all its meaning for the last time, and the profile will block you.”

Swifties had already lost about $260,000 from Era Tour ticketing scams, the police said, with at least 250 reports of scams since June 29 last year.

Police said there had been more than 40 reports of social media takeover scams since January 30 this year.

The safest way to buy Eras Tour tickets was from an authorised seller such as the Ticketek marketplace, the police said.

“If you do buy tickets advertised on social media, do your research. Independently contact the friend whose profile is offering the tickets and verify the tickets are actually for genuine sale.

“Always look for secure payment options and never give your credit card details to the seller.”

Ticketek offers seven prices for the Melbourne and Sydney shows.

A reserve is priced at $379.90, B at $309.90, C at $239.90, D at $199.90, E at $159.90, F at $119.90 and G at $79.90.

Police also recommend those who are the victim of a scam to “speak now” and contact their bank as soon as possible.

“We know you’re often too in love to think straight when it comes to nabbing a ticket to the Eras Tour but please keep your side of the street clean and protect yourself,” Cybercrime Squad Detective Sergeant John Cheyne said.

“Only buy tickets from an authorised reseller.

“I’ve spent my whole life trying to put it into words – do your research and don’t let your pennies make their crown.

“So make the friendship bracelets because karma will be the breeze in your hair next weekend.”

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