A Greater Noida based owner of a Tata Punch SUV has reportedly been served with a fine of Rs 500 after an image of his vehicle bearing multiple stickers including cast-based stick ons went viral on social media. Most interestingly, the owner had turned the chrome Punch badging on the tailgate of the SUV into a pun. He got the words ‘Sir’ stickered before the P and ‘Ji’ stickered after the H letter of the OEM badging. The desired result was that drivers behind him would read ‘Sir-Punch-Ji’. While the owner gets full marks on creativity, law enforcement was least impressed and issued a challan to the owner as per an India Today report.

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For those who the pun may elude, the owner effectively fixed the stickers so that rear drivers would read ’Sarpanch Ji’, which means head of a village. Moreover, another sticker with the word ‘Gurjar’ was flanked on one end of the tailgate as well, this was a cast-based sticker that is illegal to fix on a vehicle in Uttar Pradesh. Earlier in August 2023, having cast-based stickers on your vehicle was made illegal by the Uttar Pradesh government.

Considering the government’s directive to impose up to Rs 21,000 challan on people who use cast-based stickers and other symbols on their vehicles, it seems that the Greater Noida Punch owner’s pun has still costed him a reasonable penalty. As per The Motor Vehicles Act, motorists are not allowed to have any stickers, cast-based symbols or messages written on their vehicles under section 179 (1).

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