Over the past few years, smart home brand Ring has released Pro versions of mainline models like the Wired Doorbell Pro, but there’s never been one for its wireless devices. That gap is now being filled with the company’s brand new Battery Doorbell Pro.

Ring’s upcoming camera comes packed with several advanced features befitting a high-end model. It comes equipped with 3D Motion Detection, allowing the lenses to more accurately detect movement resulting in “more refined” motion alerts. This performance boost is made possible by a pair of radar-powered abilities: Bird’s Eye Zones and Bird’s Eye View. The former, according to a company representative, allows the Battery Doorbell Pro to measure “the distance and angle of objects in front of the camera”. Users can customize when they want the device to start recording such as when a subject crosses beyond a certain threshold. Once set up, Bird’s Eye Zone can be used to track where unwanted visitors went on the property. 

(Image credit: Ring)

Bird’s Eye View, as the name suggests, provides homeowners with a satellite image of the path taken by the aforementioned unwanted visitors. It’ll arrive on your smartphone alongside a notification. The same representative goes on to say, “No additional device is needed” to use Bird’s Eye View.

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