NEW DELHI/BASTI (UP): Shiv Prasad Nishad, a daily-wage laborer, currently finds himself facing a series of hardships and challenges in his life.
A staggering sum of Rs 221 crore has mysteriously appeared in his bank account, and as a result, the income tax department has requested his presence for an investigation.

A few days ago, Shiv Prasad Nishad received a notice from the income tax department regarding the precise amount of Rs 2,21,30,00,007 in his bank account.

Hailing from Bartania village in the Lalganj police station jurisdiction of Basti district, located in the state of Uttar Pradesh, Nishad expressed his complete lack of awareness regarding the substantial deposit.
In response to this unexpected development, he lodged a formal complaint at the local police station on Wednesday.

In his statement, Nishad, who earns his livelihood as a laborer, emphasized his bewilderment regarding the substantial income tax notice he received, stating, “I work as a laborer. I received the income tax notice for a huge amount, which I have no knowledge about.”
Nishad also revealed that he had misplaced his PAN card several years ago and suspects that someone may have illicitly utilized it to deposit the funds into his account.

He expressed his concerns, saying, “I lost my PAN card a few years ago. I believe that somebody has misused it to deposit the money in my account.”

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According to the notice, Nishad has been instructed to make an appearance at the nearby income tax office on or before October 20.
He is required to provide comprehensive information about his bank account and associated transactions.
PTI quoted additional superintendent of police Dipendra Nath Chaudhary as saying, “I have instructed the station house officer of Lalganj police station to collect information and details regarding this issue.”

Efforts to obtain a comment from local income tax officials have been unsuccessful as they could not be reached for a response.
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