It was an emotional episode for Robyn Brown on Sunday. The TLC star participated in the family’s Sister Wives: Look Back, Where We Started special, in which the family members separately watched old clips from the show back. 

Robyn, who joined the Brown family in 2010 when she became Kody‘s fourth wife, was beside herself watching a clip from the family’s 2013 commitment celebration.

As Kody began reading out the family’s mission statement, Robyn hit the iPad playing the clip, gasping and sobbing. 

“I can’t watch this. I’m gonna stop it. I can’t watch this,” she cried as she desperately tried to get her mic pack off. “I can’t watch this. I’m sorry, I need a break.”


Robyn then gets up and walks away from the couch and off the set. The episode then ends, promising the moment will be continued. 

Robyn has been vocal about mourning the loss of her plural family after all of Kody’s former wives have left him. Christine Brown exited the family in 2021. Janelle Brown left in 2022, and Meri Brown ended her estranged marriage in 2023. 

The wives have all pointed to Kody’s favoritism toward Robyn as one of the reasons behind their splits. In fact, in this season’s One-on-One special, Kody admitted to only ever being “in love” with Robyn. 

Watch the clip below for more.


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