Sunrise Host Natalie Barr has had to break up a fiery clash between two politicians over Labor’s changes in tax cuts.

Clare O’Neil and Jane Hume traded barbs over accusations the tax changes were politically driven.

In a tense exchange on Tuesday, Ms O’Neil was interrupted after she cited polls found two-thirds of Aussie voters were behind Labor’s stage 3 tax cuts.

“I just get frustrated because all I hear from the Liberals is politics, politics, politics. This is not about politics, this is about people,” Ms O’Neil said.

Senator Hume quickly interjected to claim that Labor’s tax overhaul was an attempt to drum up support ahead of a vote in Victoria’s marginal seat of Dunkley, which will see voters head to a by-election in early March.

“Nonsense. This is about a by-election,” Senator Hume interrupted

Ms O’Neil fired back: “If I could finish the sentence, that would be so nice.”

The home affairs minister went on to tribute today’s International Women’s Day claiming that “ninety-percent” of women in the country will benefit from the government’s stage three tax cuts.
Senator Hume then redirected her attack to the prime minister calling him a “liar”, prompting Sunrise host Natalie Barr to step in.

“Can we please be kind and respectful to each other?” Barr plead.

‘Right call’: Albo defends tax cuts

Anthony Albanese has conceded that he made “difficult decision” to walk back on his pledge to not change stage 3 tax cuts.

In an interview on ABC aired Monday night, the prime minister defended his call to tinker with income tax than rather push for broader reform, arguing he acted on Treasury advice which overwhelmingly suggested it was the best way forward.

“We knew this would be very much contested. And that occurred, you will recall it, only a week ago, that Sussan Ley was saying that they would fight it, that they, before they’d even seen it, and that they’d roll it back. So we’ll wait and see what the Coalition come up with

“It was a very big call, but it was absolutely the right call.”

Opposition Sussan Ley told Sky News on Tuesday that the Coalition planned to unveil a new tax policy ahead of the next election.

“We won’t stand in the way of these tax cuts. but we will also bring policy that deals with tax reform in this country and deals with bracket creep,” she said.

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