Taylor Swift fans have been left fuming after Frontier Touring released its list of rules ahead of the Australian leg of the Era Tour.

Among the rules, which were released on Wednesday, are restrictions around friendship bracelets.

“Friendship bracelets are allowed to be brought into the venues but must be worn on patrons’ arms – strictly no carabiner, d-rings or other,” the rules said.

Many fans were left stunned by the restrictions, with some even demanding they “fix the rules immediately”.

“Okay but how am I meant to fit 300 friendship bracelets on my arms?? why can’t we bring carabiners?” one person wrote.

“This is ridiculous, some of us went out of our wway to make friendship bracelets,” another wrote.

“I HAVE 400 BRACELETS, how am I supposed to wear them all????” wrote another.

Swift’s fans across the globe have been making friendship bracelets that reference her songs, albums and lyrics to trade at her tour.

In the US fans have been able to get into stadiums with hundreds of bracelets attached to carabiner’s ready to trade.

Many Aussie fans have been sharing the bracelets they have made on social media ahead of the concerts, some with bags filled with the items.

Other rules

Frontier Touring has also banned iPads, GoPros, tripods and selfie-sticks.

Smartphone filming is allowed.

Fans are allowed to take in one bag, it must not be bigger than 25cm tall, 20cm deep and 30cm wide.

It can only have two compartments, however, it does not need to be clear.

“Do not bring: umbrellas, tents, camping chairs, lasers, battery packs, aerosols e.g. deoderant, spray sunscreen etc.”

The rules have been released as Australia prepares for Swift’s arrival.

Swift’s Eras Tour will take Melbourne by storm between February 16-18 and then hit Sydney from February 23-26.

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