If you found this week’s GoPro Hero 12 Black launch a little underwhelming, you weren’t alone. It’s one of the smallest updates to the action camera series we’ve seen and even lacks staple features like GPS. But fortunately, GoPro does have something more exciting up its sleeve – it’s revealed a successor to the GoPro Max is “in the works”, and that’s very good news for anyone who wants a next-gen action cam.

Unfortunately, GoPro hasn’t elaborated on when exactly we’ll see the GoPro Max 2 (which is its confirmed name) and its 360-degree shooting powers. The only thing that CEO Nick Goodman said during the Hero 12 Black launch event was: “There is an enormous interest in the next version of Max. And what I can confirm today is that it is in the works and it will be worth the wait”.

That’s not a lot to go on, but we’ll definitely take it. It’s almost four years since the GoPro Max was announced, so we’d nearly given up hope of seeing a sequel to one of the best 360 cameras. In that time, Insta360 has eaten GoPro’s lunch with the launch of polished rivals like the Insta360 X3, which is probably the most fun camera you can buy right now.

(Image credit: GoPro)

So the prospect of a GoPro Max 2 is a genuinely exciting one if the camera can deliver on its promise. And what is that promise? A waterproof, go-anywhere camera that can capture your adventures without needing to be pointed in any particular direction – and one that can then deliver an automated highlights reel of your trip that’s ready for social media.  

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