Imran KhanPakistan Ex-PM

Imran Khan The Ex-Pm of Pakistan has called for nationwide protests after he was handed a three-year jail sentence over corruption allegations.

Pakistan Ex-PM

Mr. Khan was found guilty of failing to report the proceeds from the sale of goods he acquired while serving in office. He claims he will appeal and disputes the accusations.

After the decision, Mr. Khan was arrested and brought from his Lahore house.

He urged supporters to challenge the decision in a pre-recorded statement that was posted online following the verdict.

About Imran Khan:

After a disagreement with Pakistan’s powerful military, the former cricketer-turned-politician, 70, was removed in a no-confidence vote last year after being elected in 2018.

About The Verdict :

The claims that he misdeclared information about gifts from foreign dignitaries and the revenues of their purported sale were the focus of Saturday’s verdict.

Rolex watches, a ring, and a set of cuff links were among the gifts, which were said to be valued at about 140 million Pakistani rupees ($635,000; £500,000).

His dishonesty has been shown beyond a reasonable doubt, according to Judge Humayun Dilawar’s verdict. Some pro-government protesters screamed “your show is over Khan” outside the courts.

News Courtesy: BBC world news

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