Gaming chairs aren’t like other chairs. They have to survive brutal battles and epic exploration, fight on faraway worlds and sneak stealthily around real ones. That means they need to be made tougher and more comfortable than everyday chairs – and the new ThunderX3 range may well be the toughest and most comfortable of them all.

Comfort really matters when it comes to gaming chairs: you’ll spend more time sitting on yours than you’ll ever spend sitting on the sofa or on a kitchen chair, and that means that even little problems can become incredibly annoying during a long game session. And of course poor posture can lead to physical stress and strains that can last long after the final boss has been beaten. So it’s crucial to get a chair that’s high quality with excellent ergonomics. And that’s where the ThunderX3 CORE comes in.

The new ThunderX3 CORE raises the bar for in-game comfort during even the longest gaming sessions. By combining exceptional ergonomics, incredible engineering and complete comfort they’re the perfect companion for every kind of gamer and every kind of game.

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What makes ThunderX3 gaming chairs so great?

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