During the 9th edition of Google for India event, Rick Osterloh, senior vice president of devices and services, announced that the company will make the recently-launched Pixel 8 smartphones in India. On the announcement, IT minister Ashwini Vaishnaw congratulated Google saying that the development will be good for India.
During a fireside chat, both Vaishnaw and Osterloh were asked what their favourite Google product was. Responding to the question, the minister said he likes YouTube.
“I really like YouTube. YouTube is very good,” Vaishnaw said. When the same question was posed to Osterloh, he said, “It has to be Search. I probably use it 30 times a day.”
‘Made in India’ Pixel 8
Google announced that the company intends to start manufacturing in India with Pixel 8 and that the first India-made devices are expected to roll out in 2024.
“The company is partnering with international and domestic manufacturers in India to produce Pixel smartphones locally,” it said. The Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro smartphones were launched in India on October 4 and they went on sale starting October 12.
Since launching our first Pixel phones in India, we’ve seen encouraging responses, the company said. Meanwhile, Osterloh noted that India is a priority market for India.

‘Good for Google, good for India’
Vaishnaw also said that mobile manufacturing in India was negligible and Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s vision of Make in India translated into action on ground.
“Today we have close to $45 billion worth of manufacturing today. And export of mobile phones is $11 billion and it is generating huge employment in the country,” he said.
“So I think what Google has announced today…congratulations to Google. It’s good for Google, good for India,” he added.

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