AURAIYA (UP): Two doctors, posted at a primary health center, were ordered to be removed by the authorities in UP‘s Auraiya on Wednesday after a heart-wrenching video surfaced online.
The video showed a young man taking his sister’s body home from the facility on a motorcycle.
The decision was taken on instructions from Uttar Pradesh health minister and deputy chief minister Brajesh Pathak, Verma said.
Chief medical officer Dr Shishir Kumar Verma said after the video went viral on social media, an investigation was carried out and action was taken against the superintendent of the health centre located in Bidhuna, Dr Avichal Pandey, and Dr Kriparam, who was posted there.
Giving details about the incident, the chief medical officer said 20-year-old Anjali of the Naveen Basti area of the district was allegedly electrocuted while using a water-heating immersion rod on Tuesday.
She was brought to the community health center, where doctors declared her dead, following which her family members decided to take the body home without a postmortem, Verma added.
Anjali’s brother Ayush climbed on the motorcycle with her body tied to his back using a dupatta.
His other sister also climbed on the two-wheeler and held the body from behind, the official said.
Pathat took to the social media platform ‘X’ to inform about the action taken against the doctors.
In a post in Hindi, he wrote: “Taking cognisance of the viral video of a body being taken away on a bike in CHC, Bidhuna, of Auraiya district, I have given orders to the CMO to remove the superintendent and the doctors related to the case from the CHC along with an adverse entry.”

“Along with this, I have also directed to ensure ambulance facilities for patients in all CHCs and PHCs,” Pathak added.
However, CHC superintendent Dr Pandey, who was relieved from his post, said he was unaware of this incident.
“If the relatives of the deceased had asked for an ambulance to take the body, it would have been provided to them,” he added.
The main opposition Samajwadi Party targeted the state government over the issue.
“The funeral of health services under the Yogi government, brother takes the dead body of his sister home on a bike,” it said on ‘X’.
“The news of a sister’s dead body being carried home on a bike outside the CHC in Bidhuna of Auraiya is a very sad and shameful incident… The administration and the health department of the BJP government, which makes tall claims of development, could not arrange for an ambulance. Shameful,” it added.
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