NEW DELHI: The United States presidential state car is known by several names such as ‘Cadillac One‘, ‘First Car’ and most popularly as the ‘Beast’. Code named ‘Stagecoach’, the vehicle is the official state car of the president of the United States.
Here are 10 facts about the ‘Beast’:

  1. The latest model of the ‘Beast’, built by General Motors, made its debut in September 2018.
  2. It weighs around 6,800–9,100 kg and has the capacity to seat seven.
  3. Its nearly 18-foot long from bumper to bumper.
  4. In addition to defensive measures designed to protect the president, this state car also has stores of blood in the president’s type for medical emergencies.
  5. The car is hermetically sealed against chemical attacks, and features run-flat tires, night-vision devices, smoke screens, and oil slicks as defensive measures against attackers.
  6. The car features armour made of aluminum, ceramic, and steel.
  7. The exterior walls have a thickness of eight inches (200 mm), the windows are multi-layered and five inches (130 mm) thick, and each door—believed to weigh as much as those on a Boeing 757—can electrify its handles and deliver a 120-volt shock.
  8. Pump-action shotguns, rocket-powered grenades, night vision equipment, and tear gas grenades are all said to be on board.
  9. There are at least two identical Beasts with matching registration plates in every motorcade.
  10. The Presidential Beast has been valued at $1.5million but GM is said to have spent $15m on research and development.

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