NEW DELHI: Indian cricket has indeed been fortunate to witness the talents of numerous exceptional players over the years. While the nation has produced a multitude of cricketing legends, only a select few have been able to establish themselves in the pivotal role of a ‘finisher’.
Star India off-spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, in a chat on his YouTube channel, revealed an interesting discussion dated 5-6 years back with modern-day great Virat Kohli when the latter asked him about who do you think is a captain’s nightmare at the death.When I replied, Is it MS Dhoni? Kohli said, ‘No, it is Rohit Sharma‘.
“Virat and I had a discussion while Rohit was batting. I don’t remember which match it was. Seeing Rohit bat, I was thinking, “Where do you even bowl to him? If Rohit is set after 15-20 overs, you wouldn’t know where to bowl to him.
“Virat asked me, Do you know who is a captain’s nightmare at the death? I asked, “Is it Dhoni?” Kohli was like, “No, it is Rohit.” When I asked him why, he said you won’t know where to bowl,” Ashwin revealed on his YouTube channel.

Ashwin also elaborated on the challenges of bowling to Rohit during the death overs, emphasising that it is a formidable task due to his wide array of shots and exceptional batting skills.
“If Rohit is batting at the end of the 16th over in a T20, where will you bowl? He has got all the shots in the book, and once he played an extraordinary knock in Chinnaswamy stadium that Kohli can never forget, it seems. Rohit has got all the shots, and he makes it look so effortless and easy,” said the veteran India off-spinner.

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