Israel-Hamas war has sent social media companies like X (previously Twitter), TikTok as well as Meta owned Facebook and Instagram into action. After pressure from the US and EU, the tech giants have announced that they have taken necessary steps to stop the spread of misinformation as well as inflammatory content related to Israel and Hamas from their platforms.In one such case,X CEO Linda Yaccarino had to intervene to remove a post from a Pakistani senator.
According to a report by The Information, employees working at the microblogging platform “grew increasingly upset” about a post from a Pakistani senator. The report, however, does not name the senator. In the post on X, the senator had posted a photo of Adolf Hitler with the text “at least now the world know, why he did, what he did.”
The Pakistani senator was referring to the Holocaust, the genocide of European Jews during World War II. Hitler systematically murdered about six million Jews residing in German-occupied Europe, which consisted of around two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population.
“Over the course of several hours, the post drew about a million views, as well as complaints from several staffers, who reported it for violating X’s rules,” the report says.
A staffer suggested that the company’s advertisers were threatening to pull out spending, prompting them to contact Yaccarino. The post was taken down, the publication cited two people with direct knowledge of the situation.
X in crosshairs
Last month, the European Commission asked X to submit what steps it has taken to curb alleged spreading of illegal content and disinformation on the platform. Soon after Yaccarino provided responses to the EU, it opened an investigation into the issue.
“The Commission services are investigating X’s compliance with the DSA, including with regard to its policies and practices regarding notices on illegal content, complaint handling, risk assessment and measures to mitigate the risks identified,” it said in a statement.
Thierry Breton, commissioner for internal market of the European Union had said that the Commission has indications that X is being used to disseminate illegal content and disinformation in the EU.

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