One of India’s renowned royal trains and a prestigious project of the Maharashtra Tourism Development Corporation, the Deccan Odyssey Luxury Tourist Train, has emerged from a major post-pandemic refurbishment, ready to embark on its renewed journey.
This revitalization project inaugurated on September 21 by assembly speaker Rahul Narvekar, tourism minister Girish Mahajan, and school education and Marathi Language Minister Deepak Kesarkar marks a significant milestone for the tourism sector.

The Deccan Odyssey luxury train came to life in 2003, rolling out of the Integral Coach Factory in Chennai, backed by approvals from both Central and State Governments. In 2004, then Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had inaugurated this regal train for its maiden voyage. The train’s primary aim has always been to introduce the scenic wonders and cultural treasures of Maharashtra to both domestic and international travellers.
Between 2004 and 2020, the Deccan Odyssey garnered popularity. However, the Covid-19 pandemic led to the temporary suspension of its services, echoing the plight of railways worldwide. With international travel restrictions easing, foreign tourists are once again eager to explore India. Starting from September 21, the Deccan Odyssey is back in operation, offering a carefully crafted itinerary that covers 40% of Maharashtra’s must-see sites and other destinations across India.
The Deccan Odyssey ensures a royal experience for travellers with amenities like intercoms, Wi-Fi, music systems, plush furniture, comfortable beds, and air conditioning. Its 21 coaches include 10 with deluxe cabins and two with presidential suites. Additionally, the train features conference rooms, dining cars, a health spa, a bar, staff quarters, generator cars, and storage facilities, making it akin to a “five-star hotel on wheels.”

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Recent renovations have further enhanced passenger comfort and safety. Fire extinguishers have been installed in each coach, and induction cooking has replaced LPG gas in the pantry car. The addition of vinyl surfaces to coach roofs and air suspension trolleys ensures a smoother journey. Bio Tanks have been installed in all toilets, environmentally conscious and certified by RDSO Lucknow of Railways.
The rejuvenated Deccan Odyssey also promises an eco-friendly journey through Maharashtra’s cultural and natural wonders, with efforts being made to minimise plastic waste during journeys. While the food is prepared without artificial colours, ajinomoto, preservatives, the train is exploring the use of electric engines, offering glass bottles instead of plastic, and boasts fireproof sets in the canteen.

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