Garmin’s Marq collection has always represented luxury style in smartwatches, packing an exceptional build quality and the absolute latest health and fitness tracking from the brand, in exchange for a four-figure sum. The Garmin Marq athlete even made the cut on our list of the best Garmin watches ever.

Now, it is pushing the Marq line even further into luxury territory with the release of its Carbon collection. Available in three distinct editions – Athlete, Golfer and Commander – the line-up shares an ultra-bright touchscreen AMOLED, dome sapphire lens and a unique bezel. According to Garmin, each 46mm watch case and bezel is crafted from 130 layers of Fused Carbon Fiber. It is unique in so much that the manufacturing process painstakingly requires every single layer of carbon to be rotated to a unique angle to increase the strength of the initial block.

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