Evacuation warnings have been issued as bushfires near Australia Zoo’s boundary.

Firefighting aircraft are working to extinguish a fire at Landsborough, a few kilometres away from the iconic 283ha zoo operated by the Irwin family.

The “large fast-moving fire” remains at the watch and act level as of 5pm on Sunday and is travelling towards Hardwood Rd.

Residents between Steve Irwin Way, Graham Drive, Fraser Rd, and Hardwood Rd have been warned that “conditions could get worse quickly” and they should be prepared to leave.

“Firefighters are working to control the fire. You should not expect a firefighter at your door,” the QFES said on its website.

The warning came less than 24 hours after locals were first evacuated from their homes about 8pm on Saturday.

This was revoked by 10.30pm – allowing residents to return home that evening – after the fast-moving fire had threatened Beerwah and Landsborough townships.

Major roads or highways may still be impacted by the fire; however, currently there are no properties at risk.

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