Kiran Rathore, who shared screen space with Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor in ‘Yaadein‘, recently entered Bigg Boss Telugu season 7, hosted by Nagarjuna. Kiran is a very popular name in the South and has worked in Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam, Telugu and Kannada films. She became the first contestant to get evicted from the show. Kiran recently joined ETimes TV for an exclusive conversation where she spoke about her eviction and stated that the language was a huge barrier for her.
She further said that one of the reasons behind her eviction could be that the audiences wanted to watch her hot avatar which she didn’t show on the reality series.Kiran regrets the decision of doing Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 and feels she should have instead taken up Hindi or Tamil version of the show.
Language was a barrier
Language was a huge barrier for me on the show. I was very worried when I was entering the house, but the makers were very confident and they wanted me to do the show. I’ve been getting this offer for the last 4 years but I was not very sure. But this time I said let’s give it a try but then still back of my mind I was like I’m a Tamil girl and I don’t know Telugu. I can understand and speak Tamil but not Telugu. But the makers convinced me to do this and told me this is the biggest platform and you will get mileage. But it did not go as per plan and people hated me for not speaking their language. They were like why didn’t she speak a word in Telugu. It was a shocking eviction for me and no one inside the house also expected it.

I was everyone’s favourite in the BB Telugu house
I was the favourite contestant amongst all the people and I felt I was going very strong in the show because everyone was loving me inside the house but outside it was something very different.
Reactions on social media after her eviction
It was a mixed feeling for me because some of the audience hated me for not speaking the language but there were many who wanted to see me in Hindi Bigg Boss and they felt I was a perfect contestant for that version. While there were many others who felt bad for my eviction even after having a huge fan following, maybe they wanted to see a different Kiran, probably what they see on Instagram. Kiran, who wears hot dresses and short skirts in reality, was wearing stupid clothes inside the house. That could also be a reason. Maybe I did not meet the expectations of my fans.

Do you regret the decision of doing Bigg Boss Telugu?
Yes, definitely I feel I’ve made a wrong decision. I should have waited. But the makers were very keen on having me on the show for the last 4 years. They kept telling me no Tamil, no Hindi, this is your platform, I felt let’s try as I know the team very well since the last so many years. I was comfortable and it worked out also in a week’s time. I had in fact, communicated to them that I don’t want to look stupid or not know what they are talking about. They told me to just go and have fun. People didn’t like it. Language was a huge barrier and I also gave up.
Nagarjuna sir is an amazing person. He’s such a sweetheart
Nagarjuna sir is an amazing person. He’s such a sweetheart. He had told me in two weeks Kiran would be perfect in the language but I was evicted, he was also shocked. Nobody expected my elimination. I was a face for them having done so many films, worked with so many superstars. I didn’t expect that people were expecting me to wear some really hot, glamourous clothes, probably how I’m on Instagram.

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