VADODARA: Salman Khan would have been surely shocked if he learned that he literally drove a wedge in someone’s married life – and that too, virtually! Believe it or not, a woman’s preference for Bollywood hunk Salman has not just soured the couple’s relationship but also reached a flash point when the man hit her blinded by jealousy.
The woman’s recent departure from the house set the marriage of “many years” rocking.
“When the woman narrated her ordeal to us, we found it amusing and extraordinary,” said an 181 Abhayam official.
The mother of a child complained to the helpline officials that she once carelessly remarked about her fondness for Salman and his performances. But the man didn’t show any reaction then.
However, he suddenly started to harass and taunt her over Hrithik Roshan’s movies too.”The man not only yelled but slapped his wife, but also imposed a complete ban on her from watching Salman and Hrithik’s movies. Initially, she thought that the husband was being irrational and impulsive, but the man’s rage kept increasing and he started picking up fights every time Salman’s movie was televised,” the official told TOI.
“His jealousy was so intense that she was even barred from seeing Salman commercials. To ensure that his diktat was followed, he also would change the channel if there was any Salman movie running,” the official added.This wasn’t the end of her ordeal. The woman wasn’t even allowed to go to the movies or even look at the billboards installed in public places!
So gauche and insecure was this man working in a factory, that he started accusing her of extramarital affair. “The wife finally couldn’t bear the torture any more when he fought over a Salman movie and hit her over his suspicion of extramarital affair. The woman called us for help as she became suicidal,” the 181 official added. However, despite Abhayam counselling, the woman refused to return to the jealous husband.

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