NEW DELHI: Amid efforts by India for a New Delhi Declaration that’s endorsed by all, the US said it will go into the G20 summit with a ‘spirit of compromise’ to a lot of contentious issues to find text for a joint communique that would be acceptable to all.
With China blocking condemnation of Russia for the war in Ukraine, US NSA Jake Sullivan also said there’s still some distance to travel before there’s a final communique that all leaders can agree to. This was confirmed by UK PM Rishi Sunak too who said on his way to India that there was no joint statement yet because of objections raised by China on issues related to the Ukraine war and climate.
Indian authorities, however, sounded upbeat about a New Delhi Declaration they said will be presented before the leaders for their final approval. Sullivan too said that the US was coming with immense goodwill towards producing a consensus. “And in that, we bring a spirit of compromise to a lot of the different issues that are contentious so that we can find a text that everybody can live with,’’ said Sullivan, amid doubts as to whether the leaders will agree with the compromise text on the Ukraine war. He was speaking aboard Air Force One while accompanying President Joe Biden to India.
There was no sign of any shift in China’s position with Beijing, asked about the possibility of a joint declaration, reiterating that G20 needs to focus on its “mandate’’ of enhancing macroeconomic policy coordination and boosting world economic growth. China continues to maintain G20 is not for addressing geopolitical issue.
Significantly for India, the EU, which had rejected the language proposed by India to break the deadlock last week, said Friday it was helping India with its efforts to arrive at a consensus.
“We are supporting India’s efforts. It’s difficult to predict anything as the text is still being negotiated,” said European Council President Charles Michel, as he pledged more support for Ukraine and slammed Russia for withdrawing from the Black Sea Grain Initiative. Michel also said he didn’t want to complicate the efforts for a consensus by talking ‘tough’ about the negotiations.
That the negotiations on Ukraine and other contentious issues were far from over, despite the Indian optimism about the declaration, was also made obvious by Sunak who said the G20 had not reached a joint statement yet because of China’s objections to issues related to Ukraine and climate. “We are not there yet,” Sunak told Bloomberg.
However, asked about China’s objections to G20 proposals, Kant said in a pre-summit briefing that India had been able to work with “every single country’’ to reach the declaration. “China is a multilateral player and they have their own perspectives. This is not about bilateral issues. The challenge is to get to a consensus on every issue and we have been able to work with each and every country,” he said.

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