The heartbroken wife of a man killed in a shocking two-car collision that took the lives of three people has shared her grief, telling the world she will love her husband until her “last breath”.

Kody Bell died alongside his brother William and 24-year-old father Jaziah Thomas after their Audi collided head-on with a Kia at Baldivis near Perth on Wednesday.

Kody’s devastated wife Gabby, 24, said she was with him just before the horror crash that ripped apart her life.

“He was with me and his family and he was dancing and singing his favourite songs,” she said.

Kody and Gabby have two children, Violet and Laiken, and Gabby said she would “protect and love them forever, as I will continue to love you until my last breath.”

“You have two beautiful babies that will forever miss you and will love you,” she said.

“The hole in my heart will never be filled knowing you will not be here to see Laiken and Violet grow up, to walk V down the aisle like you intended to one day do.

“I’m proud to be your wife.”

She said she felt some comfort knowing Kody and William were with each at the end.

“I’m glad you boys had each other until the very end and you both can find peace knowing you were loved so very much,” she said.

Gabby remembered William as a “funny, caring and vibrant man who loved many and was loved by all”.

“He was my children’s godfather and a proud uncle. I was proud to call him my brother-in-law,” she said.

Kody, 24, and William, 21, were passengers in the Audi with Mr Thomas behind the wheel.

Another passenger, Tyler Rowe, 21, escaped with his life and has since posted to Facebook paying tribute to his friends.

“I love you boys and I’m going to miss youse so much,” he wrote.

An online fundraising effort to cover Kody’s funeral and support his family has garnered more than $23,000 so far and a GoFundMe will be launched for William soon.

The Kia driver, a 44-year-old woman, survived the crash and did not suffer serious injuries.

Major Crash investigators are working to figure out how the tragedy happened, with the police set to examine dashcam footage and speak with Mr Rowe.

“Speed is certainly one of those factors that we’re looking at but we’re not going to consider that in isolation,” Major Crash officer-in-charge Adam Matson said on Thursday.

“There’s a number of other factors that we’ve got to wait on, pending our vehicle examinations.”

The police have said the investigation could go on for a number of weeks.

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