NEW DELHI: A 20-year-old Indian-origin Israeli soldier was killed amid fighting in Gaza, the mayor of the town, Benny Bitton said in a Facebook post on Wednesday.
He wrote, “It is with great sorrow and grief that we announce the death of a son of Dimona, Halel Solomon, in the battle in Gaza.”
“We share in the grief of the parents, Ronit and Mordechai, and the sisters: Yasmin, Hila, Vered, and Shaked ….Halel aspired to do a meaningful service and enlisted in the Givati (Brigade). Halel was a devoted son and had respect for his parents always in his eyes. Possessing immense good qualities he believed in endless giving, modesty, and humility. The whole city of Dimona is grieving his passing,” Bitton’s post read.

Israel-Hamas war: Israel Defence Forces enter Gaza, IDF releases video

Staff-Seargeant Halel Solomon belonged to the southern Israeli town of Dimona.
Dimona is a town in the south of Israel. Some people describe it as “little India” given the large concentration of Jews from India in the township. The town is also identified with Israel’s nuclear reactor.
Indian community members of Dimona also expressed huge sorrow over his passing away.
“A young man with pleasant manners and a very bright future ahead, was fighting a just war for Israel’s existence,” one of the members told news agency PTI.
At least 11 Israeli soldiers have been killed in the battle in Gaza till now.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has described it as a “difficult war” with “painful losses”.
“We know that every soldier of ours is an entire world. The entire people of Israel embrace you, the families, from the depth of our hearts. We are all with you during your heavy sorrow. Our soldiers have fallen in the most just of wars, the war for our home,” the Israeli Prime Minister said.

Benjamin Netanyahu vows to continue Israel-Hamas war for victory despite ‘painful losses’

“I promise the citizens of Israel: We will complete the work – we will continue until victory,” he asserted.
At least 1,400 Israelis were killed in a deadly attack carried out by Hamas on Israel’s southern communities on October 7. They also took at least 240 people as hostages during that surprise infiltration.
Israel, backed by the United States and some other Western nations, declared war against Hamas which has controlled the Gaza Strip since 2007 with two stated goals – elimination of the terror organisation and freeing the hostages.
More than 8,000 people have died in Gaza since Israel launched a counter-offensive by first carrying out widespread air strikes and then slowly launching ground incursions that have been intensifying over the last three days.
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