BHOPAL: Gwalior Police of Madhya Pradesh, on Thursday, claimed to have solved a murder mystery wherein a youth was lured into a trap, administered intoxicants, and subsequently bludgeoned to death with a hammer, with the motive of reaping Rs 1.9 crore from the fraudulent insurance claims that had been premeditated by those involved.
The deceased has been identified as Jagdish Jatav, son of Ghanshyam Jatav, a resident of Murar.
The incident occurred thirteen days ago in Antri, Gwalior.
Investigations revealed that the murder was orchestrated by his cousin brother and two accomplices.
The victim’s body was discovered in an interior area, near the boundary wall, on the morning of October 19.
Superintendent of police Gwalior Rajesh Singh Chandel, ASP Dehat Niranjan Sharma, and SDOP Dabra Umesh Garg went to the spot and initiated investigations.
Utilizing the Aadhaar card found in the pocket, the authorities identified the deceased.
Despite initial challenges in gathering substantial leads, the investigative team managed to extract information from the call details of a mobile phone, which had made nine calls to the victim just before his untimely demise.
The traced number was later linked to a youth from Chhatarpur, whose phone had been stolen from Agra Cantt a few days prior.
Subsequent investigations established a connection between the mobile phone and the prime suspects, Amar Jatav and Arvind alias Ashok Jatav, residents of Murar and Dabra respectively.
Arvind was notably identified as the cousin of the deceased.
Both suspects reportedly confessed to the planned murder, revealing a complex web of deceit and greed.
The duo disclosed their premeditated conspiracy, involving the procurement of multiple insurance policies worth Rs 1.9 crore, ostensibly in Jagdish’s name.
The conspirators planned the scheme, financing a car and a motorcycle in the victim’s name, followed by the procurement of insurance policies from prominent banks and companies.
Following the assault on Jagdish, the assailants disposed of the weapon, a hammer, in a water-filled drain near Dabra, while also disposing of the deceased’s mobile phone.
The third accomplice, Balram Saral, remains at large.
Further investigations are underway.

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