The Gold Coast councillor charged with the murder of his stepfather has agreed to be officially suspended with pay while his case is before the courts.

Ryan Bayldon-Lumsden, 30 has been charged with the murder of Robert Malcolm Lumsden, 58, the de facto partner of Mr Bayldon-Lumsden’s mother, Katrina Bayldon.

Mr Lumsden’s body was found in the family’s Arundel home on August 23.

Acting Queensland Premier Steven Miles said the councillor’s lawyers confirmed on Friday morning that they would not contest his proposed decision to suspend Mr Bayldon-Lumsden.

Mr Miles said this was the “fairest outcome for everyone involved,” including the councillors and council staff, witnesses, the city of the Gold Coast and people who lived in Mr Bayldon-Lumsden’s division.

“This is certainly the first time I’ve had to decide on disciplinary process for someone accused of murder,” he said.

“We’ve sought to have the fairest process possible, taking into account two important principles.

“One, that everyone is entitled to be presumed innocent until they’re found guilty, but also the health and safety of council staff and the needs of the people who live in that division to be represented.”

Despite Mr Bayldon-Lumsden’s suspension, he will still be allowed to run for the next local government election on March 16 next year.

Mr Miles told reporters that there was “no legal impediment” preventing him from doing so unless he was convicted of the murder charges.

However, Mr Miles said it would be likely Mr Bayldon-Lumsden would be resuspended with pay even if he is re-elected.

“We’ll review it after that but my view would be that he should continue to be suspended until such time as the court delivers a verdict,” he said.

In light of Mr Bayldon-Lumsden’s suspension, Gold Coast City Council Mayor Tom Tate has put forward former councillor Margaret Grummitt to represent the Division 7 area as an adviser.

Mr Miles said she was an “appropriate person” for the job and had previously represented the division as a councillor.

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