NEW DELHI: India on Friday said Canada‘s decision to “pause” all in-person consular services in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chandigarh was unilateral and has nothing to do with the implementation of diplomatic parity.
“The move to ensure diplomatic parity had no impact on Canadian diplomatic strength in their consulates in Bengaluru, Mumbai and Chandigarh,” government sources said.
The sources said parity in the diplomatic presence was sought for Indian high commission in Ottawa and Canadian high commission in New Delhi.India’s assertion came as Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claimed that India’s “crackdown” on Canadian diplomats was making normal life difficult for millions of people in both countries.
“The Indian government is making it unbelievably difficult for life as usual to continue for millions of people in India and in Canada. And they’re doing it by contravening a very basic principle of diplomacy,” Trudeau said.
“It’s something that has me very concerned for the wellbeing and happiness of millions of Canadians who trace their origins to the Indian subcontinent,” Trudeau told reporters at a televised press conference in Brampton, Ontario.
Earlier today, India rejected Canada’s attempt to “portray” the withdrawal of 41 of Canadian diplomats from the country as a violation of international norms, and asserted that ensuring two-way diplomatic parity is fully consistent with the provisions of the Vienna Convention on diplomatic relations.
The ministry of external affairs (MEA) said that the state of bilateral relations, the much higher number of Canadian diplomats in India, and their continued interference in India’s internal affairs warranted a parity in mutual diplomatic presence in New Delhi and Ottawa.
India also made it clear that the decision to seek parity was conveyed to Canada around one month ago and the date for implementing it was October 10 but it was extended till October 20 as modalities to implement the parity were being worked out in consultation with the Canadian side, official sources said.

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