MUMBAI: In a phishing fraud, a health company looking for investors was duped of Rs 2.25 crore by an international hacker when an unknown person posed as ‘corporate communication manager’ of the Singapore company wanting to invest in his company, sent him a link, asked him for some details and when the complainant clicked on the link, Rs 2.5 crorein his Crypto currency wallet, got siphoned off.
The complainant, proprietor of the health company, last week lodged an FIR at Maharashtra Nodal Cyber police station and a special team has been formed to probe the case as to how complainant’s crypto currency details went to the hacker’s account. Despite a police advisory that one should not click on unknown links, people tend to fall prey. Police said the link could take you to some phishing websites designed to steal your personal information, particularly login credential and credit and debit card data.
The complainant, a chartered accountant, was looking for people to invest in his company and Singapore-based company Khyber Ventures had shown interest in investing. The two entered into an e-contract with Luthe Lui. As per the contract, Khyber Ventures wanted to invest US dollars equivalent to Rs 2.5 crore. Khyber Ventures deposited the amount in the complainant company’s crypto currency wallet.
On June 18, an unidentifedperson claiming to be from Khyber Ventures sent a message claiming to be corporate communication manager to the complainant’s company and said he wanted to hold an online meeting about the investment. On June 20, one Jenny Kyber sent a link and asked to click on it.
“When the complainant clicked on the link, an amount of 2.5 lakh USD which was in the crypto currency account invested by Khyber Ventures was transferred and his own amount of 15,100 USD was also siphoned off and the total sum equivalent to Rs 2.20 crore was siphoned off by unidentified persons,” said an official.
The complainant then immediately lodged a complaint of online fraud with the Cyber crime portal and the Nodal Cyber immediately took note of the offence and registered an FIR. Police said that correspondence with wallets related to blockchain technology was conducted through the Office of the Special Inspector General of Police Cyber.Police probing the case said that the complainant’s wallet was hacked by a phishing link and wallet hacked by suspected scammer and strongly believe that inferno drainer tools are being used to do this.

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