RAJAHMUNDRY: A fisherman, Vanamadi Adinarayana, has netted a Pulasa (Hilsa) fish in Vasishta Godavari in Yanam and sold it for Rs 19,000. The fish was two kg in weight and it was sold in auction as there were many buyers. Yanam, though located on the banks of one of the branches of the Godavari, is part of the Union Territory of Puducherry.
A woman, Kollu Naga Lakshmi, purchased the fish for Rs 19,000 and later sold it for Rs 26,000 to a man from Ravulapalem town. Pulasa fish, which travels from sea to river in the rainy season every year, commands a high price in AP markets. Many consider that its taste is unique and they are ready to spend thousands of rupees for it. This year Pulasa fish catch was very thin and the poor catch resulted in its exorbitant price.
Pulasa is also known as Hilsa or Ilish in other parts of India.
It is known as Ilish in West Bengal and Bangladesh. It is a big fish found in only a few rivers of India. Regardless of this, it is one of the most famous fishes consumed in India. Thanks to its delicate yet subtle taste, it is used in many a cuisine. Pulasa has a distinctive flavour, aroma, and texture that makes it different from other fish.
The primary source of Pulasa in Andhra Pradesh is the Godavari river. The fish migrates to upstream of rivers during monsoon. The muddy water of the Godavari promote its breeding. The fishling or baby fish migrate back to the ocean and only come back during the monsoon to breed. The population of Pulasa is declining due to overfishing, pollution, and lack of conservation efforts.

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