CHHATRAPATI SAMBHAJINAGAR: Quota activist Manoj Jarange on Thursday ended his indefinite fast for Maratha quota on the ninth day of the agitation, but warned of a bigger protest if the government did not take any action by January 2, 2024, on providing reservation to the community.
Jarange, who was on the indefinite hunger strike at Antarwali Sarati village in Jalna, called off the agitation after a state government delegation, led by industries minister Uday Sawant, agriculture minister Dhananjay Munde, employment guarantee scheme minister Sandipan Bhumare and housing minister Atul Save, reached out to him.
The activist’s announcement came as major relief for the Eknath Shinde-Devendra Fadnavis-Ajit Pawar government that was found grappling with the issue, especially after failing to fulfil the demand for Maratha reservation in the mutually agreed 40-day period.
After drinking juice in the presence of the four ministers, the quota activist said he would take around eight days to recover from his failing health due to the fast and then start a state-wide tour and meet members of the community in as many villages as possible.
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If the government still fools us on the issue, we will boycott them on all possible fronts – financial, social, economical and industrial. I will mobilise the Maratha community across the state and bring them to Mumbai. We will block the economical, industrial and social veins of the politicians. We will not even allow them to step out of their homes.”
Jarange turned down the state’s proposal for granting Kunbi certificates in accordance with the 13,000 odd entries found in revenue records. He said the state government had promised to recognise all Marathas from across the state as Kunbi and grant them reservation under the OBC category.
The activist said despite the two-month period he has allowed the state to ensure the Maratha reservation, the movement for the cause would continue in the form of chain agitations at all villages in the state till the government met the demand. He said the ban on politicians’ entry in villages should be withdrawn. “The (Maratha) community will have to prepare for a much more intense agitation. Chain agitations should continue in every village. Let them visit the villages for now,” he said.
Prahar Sanghatna MLA Bachu Kadu played a key role in bridging the communication gap between the activist and the delegation, which also comprised BJP MLA Narayan Kuche, retired Justice Sunil Shukre and incumbent state backward commission chief and retired Justice M G Gaikwad. Following the negotiations with the delegation for over three hours, Jarange sought opinion of his supporters present at the site and agreed to give the two-month period to the state for recognising the Maratha community across Maharashtra as Kunbi and giving them a “legally sustainable reservation”.
Before the ministers’ met Jarange, the retired HC justices explained to him the importance of a legally sustainable reservation to prove that a community was socially backward.
“The Justice Sandeep Shinde committee was working only in Marathwada. I cannot cheat the community. They have agreed that the committee will work across Maharashtra and give reservation to all the Marathas,” Jarange said.

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