VIJAYAWADA: A man, who went missing on Monday after leaving a suicide note stating he was committing suicide, has been found to be alive.
Yaragani Adinarayana (28), from Kakarlamudi in Pedana mandal, works as a photographer with state housing minister Jogi Ramesh. Police said he incurred huge debts and staged his own ‘suicide’ to escape from repaying the loans.
According to Pedana police, Adinarayana was addicted to cricket betting and incurred debts of nearly one crore rupees. After realising he would not be able clear his debts, he hatched his suicide plan.
He clicked pictures of his bike on Ullipalem bridge near Krishna river and stated in his ‘suicide note’ that he was killing himself by jumping into Krishna. He further said that no one should be blamed for his suicide and his body should not be taken home.
He made the note his WhatsApp status, sent messages to his parents and wife seeking forgiveness, and went missing. His family alerted Pedana police who reached the bridge and started search operations. But his ‘body’ could not be found till Wednesday.
In normal circumstances, if someone jumps into the river to commit suicide, the body usually floats and touches the river bank somewhere within 36 hours.
W hen there was no sign of Adinarayana’s ‘body’ even after 36 hours, police suspected something was fishy and decided to investigate the issue thoroughly. After coming to know that he had incurred huge debts, they checked the CCTV cameras in the area. As the cameras on Ullipalem bridge were not working, footage of CCTV cameras on the way from Pedana to Ullipalem were examined. On Thursday evening, they found footage of Adinarayana riding a two-wheeler and talking on the phone with two bags on the bike. The CCTV footage was from Chinnapuram area. Another footage from a CCTV camera in Koduru recorded him waiting near the village bus stop at 7.15 pm.
He was seen wearing a mask so that no one would recognise him. Once police came to the conclusion that Adinarayana was alive and staged his own ‘suicide’, they kept a tab on his mobile phone location and call data. Police suspect him to be hiding somewhere in Krishna district and his mobile was switched on a few times in two-three places in the district. Cops said the case would be investigated further once he is taken into custody.
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