Vande Bharat sleeper train, all set to be unveiled some time early 2024, will have the “Wow” factor that no other Indian Railways train has had till date, says ICF GM BG Mallya. Vande Bharat trains have emerged as the face of new age world-class travel on Indian Railways and now the national transporter is shifting focus to Vande Bharat sleeper variants to replace Rajdhani Express trains.
The first prototype of the Vande Bharat sleeper, the interiors of which were revealed with concept photos by Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw recently, is being manufactured by BEML in collaboration with ICF.

Vande Bharat sleeper trains will have WOW Factor: ICF GM explains how | Vande Bharat, Vande Metro

“The value addition (in Vande Bharat sleeper trains) is that the interiors will be of a caliber which we have never seen in India. When you enter the coach, you will have that wow factor,” BG Mallya told TOI in an exclusive interview. Watch the video interview above to know about all the new major railway rolling stock projects like Vande Bharat sleeper, Vande Metro and the new push-pull train with upgraded second class coaches.

Vande Bharat sleeper conceptVande Bharat sleeper concept

The self-propelled 160 kmph capable Vande Bharat sleeper train will provide “excellent ambience” with passenger friendly features, says Mallya. The new train will have 16 coaches of which 11 will be the AC-3 tier types, 4 would be the AC 2 tier types and 1 would be the first class air-conditioned.
“All features of the Vande Bharat are there, air-conditioned, it has automatic doors, it has intercommunication doors, it will have the same type of vacuum toilets…the ambience is excellent, we will have soft lighting, we will have a very passenger friendly ladder for getting on to the upper berths etc,” elaborates the ICF GM.

Vande Bharat sleeper concept

<p>Vande Bharat sleeper concept<br></p>

As part of the project, defence PSU BEML will make 10 Vande Bharat sleeper trains with ICF. “The design process is jointly being done by ICF and BEML. The propulsion for this train is being supplied by ICF. It will be assembled at BEML,” Mallya said.
Several more Vande Bharat sleeper projects are also in the pipeline, with a Titagarh-BHEL consortium set to make 80 trains at ICF in the coming years and a RVNL-TMH consortium awarded a contract for 120 sleeper Vande Bharat trains.

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