A video showing a black Ford Endeavour performing dangerous stunts and being treated as a makeshift rocket launcher in Gurugram has gone viral on social media. The police have initiated a probe into the matter after the video was widely shared, however, apart from launching firecrackers from the SUV, the driver had also removed the vehicle’s number plate to avoid getting tracked by the authorities. Another Toyota Fortuner can also be seen flanking the Endeavour in the video, while the driver of the Endeavour at one point even opened the door and partially stood out of the moving SUV. On the other hand, the front passenger in the Fortuner was seen hanging out of the window which is highly dangerous.

The 14 second viral video was shot on Gurugram’s Golf Course Road and acts as a reminder of another incident involving a Hyundai Verna in October 2022. The Verna was also treated as a rocket launcher with a pack of firecrackers strapped to its boot lid. However, in this case the police were able to identify the owners using the registration plate details and arrested three and seized two cars.

Screenshot from Hyundai Verna incident of 2022

While performing such stunts on public roads is clearly illegal, it is also very dangerous for other motorists on the road. Gurugram’s Golf Course Road is a busy stretch and in the video we can see the SUVs dangerously swerving around other vehicles on the road while shooting rocket firecrackers in the air. We advise all TOI Auto viewers to not attempt such stunts and follow traffic rules on public roads for the safety of all. Shooting firecrackers from your vehicle can never be a good idea, as this can very quickly lead to afire incident or road accident.

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