A mobile billboard truck circled near Harvard’s campus on Wednesday, featuring names and photos of Harvard students whose organizations had endorsed a statement attributing the deadly attacks by Hamas solely to Israel.
This “doxxing truck” made an appearance following a recent statement from the Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups, a coalition of student organizations, which squarely blamed “the Israeli regime entirely responsible for all unfolding violence.” This statement was issued after attacks by Hamas resulted in the deaths of over 1,200 Israelis, including 25 Americans, and more than 1,400 in Gaza, prompting Israeli strikes in response.
According to a CNN report, a conservative nonprofit organized the truck displaying virtual billboards featuring students’ names and images under the banner “Harvard’s Leading Antisemites.”
The president of the group responsible for the truck announced on X (formerly Twitter) that they were removing names of students from groups that withdrew while adding new names regularly.
In response to the mounting criticism, at least eight of the original 34 co-signing Harvard student groups had withdrawn their support from the statement by Wednesday afternoon, as reported by the Harvard Crimson student newspaper.
On X, hedge fund CEO Bill Ackman urged for students to be publicly identified so that he and other companies could avoid hiring them.
“One should not be allowed to shield themselves behind a corporate facade while endorsing the actions of terrorists,” Ackman stated in his message. In response to Ackman, several CEOs expressed their support for his initiative to reveal the names of these students.
Meanwhile, Harvard Executive Vice President Meredith L Weenick has criticized online intimidation and harassment. “I write tonight to assure you that the University takes seriously the safety and wellbeing of every member of our community. We do not condone or ignore intimidation. We do not condone or ignore threats or acts of harassment or violence,” Weenick said in a statement.
Renowned legal scholar Laurence Tribe, in an email to CNN, criticized the exposure of students, saying that naming and shaming, along with labeling them as antisemites and posting their photos, was more harmful than helpful. “We shouldn’t repeat the McCarthy era’s excesses in the interest of moral clarity,” Tribe added.Watch They signed a letter blaming Israel for Hamas attack, now they are being doxxed for it on Harvard university campus

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