Katha Ankahee took a short leap of 8 months recently. ETimes TV had exclusively shared details about the leap and track. Now, in an exclusive conversation with Katha aka Aditi Sharma, the actress shared her take on the leap and storyline. Take a look:

It isn’t a leap but a time-lapse

Firstly, it isn’t a leap, it’s a time-lapse. We are going to take the story 8 months forward. I had my issues, to be honest, but I feel if you think from the channel and production’s point of view then to push the story ahead we had to create some drama.That is why we are trying to create moredrama and trying to give life to the show with a new story with something nice and new.

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The story is still about Katha and Viaan

I am sure what people watched before was a completely different storyline. The show is still the same, the story is still about Katha, Viaan and Aarav. But just like how in life one moves on. The same way the track is moving forward. Unfortunately, something happened due to which Viaan will go to jail. That is why this 8-month leap will unveil how Viaan spent in jail and how Katha has moved on in life. It will be interesting to see what will happen when they come face-to-face.

It catered to a very elite audience before

Earlier, there was a different story and now there will be a different story. I think the treatment of the show was very beautiful from the beginning. It catered to a very elite audience before. Now with the added drama, even the cast has been feeling that we weren’t doing such dramatic scenes before. But I think it will cater to more masses also as the target is somewhere to bring a new audience to the show.

Fans can expect Katha and Viaan to meet again

It’s going to be a fresh story and we are also waiting to see how the audience will get connected to it. So for us as well it is a challenge to do the new track. The basic storyline is the same. As it is a TV show, fans can expect Katha and Viaan to meet again. If it was real life then there would have been that uncertainty. For now, the track is that Viaan and Katha have moved on a little and 8 months have passed. So it will be interesting to see how their paths will cross again.

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