BENGALURU: As many as 20 baby king cobras and other snakes, including ball pythons were found in the suitcase of a Tamil Nadu man who landed in Bengaluru Airport from Bangkok on Wednesday night.
The wildlife smuggler was also carrying six baby monkeys.
Sources at Bengaluru’s Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) said that the wildlife smuggling was busted by the sleuths of Bengaluru Customs who were carrying out passenger profiling of a flight from Thailand.
One passenger who was acting in a suspicious manner was intercepted and scanning of his luggage left investigators shocked.
“He was carrying 20 extremely venomous baby king cobras and over 50 other baby snakes. The reptiles were all packed in boxes and smuggled into Bengaluru in his check-in suitcase,” said an investigating officer.
The man was also trying to slip in six monkeys in the luggage, sources said.

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